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Dreams on Target

Città hai sventrato la verità, poem from Marta Tirabassi

Read poem here

Dreams on Target started during the COVID pandemic in 2020: the urge to make theater wouldn't stop coursing through our veins. We needed to continue our work despite the restrictions.

So we just went outside: first to parks and then, following our intuition to create new trajectories, to more urban spaces.

This project is a site-specific perfomance incursions, based on improvisations.

Some videos are the result of hours of freedom and randomness at certain locations in the city and others are more specific, guided by the reading of a text or poem.

Our first move was always the choice of a setting: 




To release the dream / To improvise, it was necessary to free these spaces from their social function and their recognizable purpose: to make them float.

We felt welcomed into an oniric dimension and we let our imagination navigate freely.


Concept: PAN/k Theater Company and Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

Performers: Jacob Boeno, Elisabetta Chapuis, Jesús Espuña, Daniela Marcozzi, Cecile Rossant, Marta Tirabassi
Video editing: Daniela Marcozzi and Marta Tirabassi

Thanks to Luigi De Cicco for the music

Thanks to Lodovica Nuzzo for being part of the creative process


Music: Luigi De Cicco

d e connect è

poem from Jacob Boeno


Le Navire Mystique

​poem from Antonin Artaud

Read poem here



poem from Cecile Rossant


Read poem here



poem from Cecile Rossant

Read poem here


Cos'è la motilità

poem from Antonin Artaud

Read poem here




poem from Cecile Rossant

Read poem here




“We look for the non-place in the place and we listen to it, we run not to miss the moment of vision. There is NO TIME. 

We denied and affirmed the city, we denied and affirmed the work, we denied and affirmed ourselves. Places refused our presence, people refused our gaze, the norm refused our gestures.

We found affirmation in the endless NEGATION of this experience and we enriched ourselves by this lack."



Legato ad un luogo della città.

Si dilata o si accorcia il tempo, senza che ci sia davvero una distinzione chiara fra dilatarsi e accorciarsi, gli oggetti del luogo, le forme e le linee che lo costituiscono perdono il loro uso quotidiano; il punto di osservazione non è univoco nè tanto meno interpretativo o pre-interpretato. In questa costellazione di eventi meglio figurabili come “non-eventi”, l’anima sguazza in sè stessa, scardinandosi dalla funzionalità.

Avviene così uno SQUARCIO."

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