On Urgency - Process
On Urgency

A performance by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

created as part of the artistic research project On Urgency.

With: Jacob Boeno, Elisabetta Chapuis, Jesús Espuña, Giorgia Marzetti, Cecile Rossant and Marta Tirabassi.

Concept: Daniela Marcozzi, Leah Bachar, Carola Grossmann
Artistic direction: Daniela Marcozzi

Live Music: Luis De Cicco and Cecilia Ferron

Recorded music by Luis De Cicco

In the summer of 2020, Daniela Marcozzi invited PAN/k theater members to collaborate in the pilot project of On Urgency.

On Urgency was created from 120 answers to surveys that we distributed both on the web and in-person. We carried out a one-month residency in the spaces of Theater Expedition Metropolis and then presented a Preview and a full Performance during the HofFestSpiele, Community Art Festival organized by the same theater.

To create this performance, we developed a working method to translate the surveys into scenes, images, improvisations, texts and drawings.

Each of us worked with and responded to the surveys in different ways:


“Often art makes community without “ground”. The surveys make the ground for the art-making community. I was able to make a lot of connections to my own life. … At first when we got the survey it was really intimate, then after more and more readings it was ...fluuuuuuu and it became a kind of mythology, a “book”, something connected to god and to humanity.” - Jacob


“Everyone has a thousand urgencies; we are like a thousand ants: the urgency of everybody is important, but also not. The body that we have is like this because it is shaped by our urgency, no? I wanted to speak about Ananke: my urgency is important, but also not … it’s all about life and death and its absurdity. This is what touched me most and made me think a lot.” - Betta


“Burning off the self: For me that is a very socially and politically important process... we go through ourselves and leave ourselves to arrive at a bigger structure. I had this feeling that the survey question of “where do you feel it in your body” is pivotal for the issue of urgency and action.” - Cecile


“I would like to link a somatic point of view to a political point of view.

From digestion to a grotesque point of view of digestion that brings you also out of the somatic understanding. How is my stomach in relation to something bigger in which there are thousands of stomachs?” - Daniela


“For me what I found very new is the impulse, the input from the surveys. 

I was comparing it with the previous works that we did (input from text, music, or drawings, input from another person). The surveys’ input was a big ship, with so many faces, the images were strong, a bigger story beyond the image.” - Jesús


“Something external became intimate and we had to translate it into a form. This gave me the first connection to the socio-political sphere. There was a channel between the trust-declaration from external people and we put these words into a form. I felt this responsibility in front of this opening very strongly: more universally.” - Marta

Creative Process for On Urgency